You Don’t Have to Agree

Something that I am loving about the Start Now: Wellness Series is that it is keeping me accountable to posting on the blog – and also posting the things that are dear to my heart. What I like to call the heart-work. The let’s jump past the surface, dig in the dirt and get a little real work. (And this one in particular fires me up!)


Lies are whispered and spoken to us all the time. As Christ followers we know these ultimately come from the enemy whose sole purpose is to lie, deceive, distort and destroy. 

If you’re participating in the Start Now: Wellness Series then it’s likely that some of these lies have come at you as you’re digging deeper with the Lord and trying new things.

Last week we talked about pairing action with our faith – and chances are that as soon as you take a step a lie is going to try to creep in to throw you off or freeze you up. 

If I’m being honest I’ve heard a swarm of them myself through this series. “You can’t do this, you should have never tried this, who do you think you are? Just quit no one will care of notice. You don’t know what you’re talking about, be quiet and sit down”.

Do any of these sound familiar? 

Or how about, “you’’ll always struggle with your weight, it’s all your fault, look at her she doesn’t have an issue – you must be doing something wrong, oh it doesn’t matter, you’ll never be where you want to be”. When it comes to our physical health and fitness – especially as women, we are swarmed with misperceptions, shame, guilt. We’re haunted by past hurts, trauma, abuse, bad experiences. 

It’s an area that the enemy loves to torment us in. It’s a way to keep us preoccupied on a mouse wheel so we won’t pursue our calling and mission for Christ. 

But here’s the good news. It’s an area of our lives that has already been washed with Jesus’ blood. While there may be lies being spoken around us – the TRUTH is being declared within us. 

And the best, and most freeing part is – You don’t have to agree with the lies.

It is amazingly as simple as that. When you can ignore a lie and hold onto the truth and identity of God then the battle has been won. 

There may very well still be land to take and work to be done but the enemy is truly no longer a threat. 

So when those lies come at you – fix your eyes on your Creator. Remind yourself of who He is. And then listen for the truth of who you are because of Him that He is whispering into your heart. Because just as you are fixing your eyes on your Father – your father is lovingly fixing His eyes on you.

He is saying “I created every little detail about you. Your laugh, your body, the desires and passions that stir you up – it is all my idea. I hand picked all of it – because you reflect me. You are my idea – and you are good.”  


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