You Can’t Take Snow Globes To Heaven

We had dinner the other night with some new friends. I knew it was going to be a good evening when in less than 3 minutes we started talking about what God was doing in our lives and the challenges we were facing. Real talk. No small talk, no weather talk, no “how’s the family” talk; just real life, heart filled conversations – that’s my jam. 

We talked about a lot, but we kept coming back to taking the first step in a new journey that God’s calling you on.

This is the exact season God has us in; trusting his giftings, following his path, remaining obedient.

I often ask myself why so many people don’t follow their true callings. They know what they want to do, what they’re suppose to do, but they don’t pursue it. They put it on their bookshelf in a pretty snow globe and shake it up when they want to escape and day dream. They stare at the little pieces of confetti falling and imagine what their lives could look like, the things they would do, the difference they would make. Then they place it carefully back on the shelf and walk away.

I get it, that dream is safe in that little clear container. The snow looks so peaceful and ethereal as it falls on the little figurines. All seems right in that tiny beautiful world. The reality of taking a step towards the dream inside of that globe means that you would actually have to throw it down and let it shatter into a million different pieces. The beautiful blue water which is really a syrupy, thick liquid would leak all across your floor and soak your belongings. The tiny white snowflakes which is really just plain, fragile paper would scatter everywhere and get on everything – you could probably never fully clean it up. 

Because to take a step towards your dream is to shatter your perception of it. 

Now, you have to see it for what it really is – hard work. And now that it’s out of the safe little globe, you have to actually do the work. Real, hard, sweaty, dirty, scary work. And to make it worse while you’re working at it there will be some people just watching you, a few may even call out hoping to distract or discourage you. And then it’s going to rain, a lot. And your socks will be soaking wet, but you’ll still have to keep working. And then a blizzard will hit in June because weird things happen when you try to pursue your calling. 

You guys it’s not always pretty, and it is never easy. It’s just simple hard work.  

But when did we start to become afraid of hard work? And why are we so afraid of it when it really matters? Because this stuff really matters – the dream that you keep in the snow globe was never placed inside of you to be put on a shelf. It was placed inside of you because you are the only one who can make it a reality. You are the only who can create and share it with the world the way that it was intended to be created and shared. 

God did not screw up when he gave you that talent, dream or mission. 

And God did not give it to you so that you could selfishly keep it a secret. He created you with the intent to not just hold onto the dream but to make it a reality. 

And this is the only life you will have in this world to make it a reality. This is it. This is the only opportunity you will have to do the things you were created to do here. So take a deep breath, trust the plan that God has for you and take that scary first step in faithful obedience. 

You are His child, you have a mission and even when it’s hard He will see you through. 

And also remember that you can’t take things with you to Heaven – and that includes snow globes. 

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