Why Gospel Centered Fitness?

What God created in the garden was good. It reflected His image. His heart and his desires for how we were meant to live all began in the light of day in the garden. We were made to live in unity with our Creator. Walking in the cool of the day with Him by our side.

We were made to live in raw vulnerability, meaningful relationship, fulfilling purpose, full security and full freedom. 

We were also created with our bodies, our mind, our soul and our spirit. This is our whole package hand crafted for us to live on this earth and run our mission. It was intentionally designed by God. Every detail was thought out. Every aspect of us physically, mentally, spiritually aligned with His will – this is what WHOLE and FREE living with God was made to look like.

Then enters the fall. When sin enters the picture so does the ability to separate from God. Adam and Eve had to leave the Garden and could no longer physically walk hand in hand with God. They also now knew that evil existed which meant that they now had to choose to remain with God or explore the sin they were exposed to. 

The same remains true for us. On our best days we are spiritually, mentally and physically living close to how we would in the garden. And on our worst, we are willingly and sometimes eagerly taking bite after bite of the apple. And on most days we are everywhere in between – desperately needing the closeness with our Creator and trying to do the best we can with what we have in each moment. 

But I think we can do better. I think I can do better. 

What would it look like to align ourselves with His will again spiritually, mentally and physically? And a better question is what would happen if we did this, if we lived as whole person for God? 

From my experience, I suggest that we will feel freer because when you align with His will and His authority in all aspects of your life you align with your true identity and purpose. Your eyes will be opened to how you were created and designed to live – and you will begin to crave it. 

So why Gospel centered fitness? Because it’s a way to take some steps back to the garden. 

It’s a way to take back ground from the enemy that was made to worship God. It’s a way to align ourselves with who God is, with his will and his word and allow it to permeate our entire being. 

I’ll use the analogy of Sunday morning worship. When you audibly sing your praise and worship to God on Sunday mornings you shift the atmosphere within you and around you. By physically opening your mouth you are commanding your body, and often your mind and emotions to align with your spirit of worship and praise. And maybe you have experience what it feels like to worship when you don’t feel like worshipping – you often find that if you will just open your mouth and let the words come out, your heart and mind eventually shift to focus on him. This is whole living. 

The same can be true when you move your body in worship. And I personally think it is so powerful because by using your body and exercise to worship God and align yourself with His truth you are using the very thing that the enemy has likely used as a weapon against you.

This is how you battle. this is what it looks like to take back territory from the enemy. This is what it looks like to claim yourself as holy ground.

So let’s try it together. Let’s see how God moves (because trust me, He will move) and let’s see what ground is taken back for His glory. 

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    April 17, 2018 at 6:44 pm

    I would like to join.
    When you come home this weekend we can talk.
    So proud of you and your true purpose

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