What I’m Most Grateful For This Season

Like all of us during the thanksgiving season, I’ve been thinking about what I’m grateful for. Of course I’m grateful for my husband and daughter, our family, our health. But in this particular season that we are in, I am especially grateful for vision.

This is a season where we are working with hope and faith of what is to come, a season where we are walking in obedience despite seeing the fruit or immediate answer to our prayers.

A season where God has called us to the foot of Mount Sinai and we are doing our best to wait patiently and humbly to see Him move. This is also a season where I can easily get caught up in doubt and defeat and find myself wondering what we’re working so hard for. I question if we heard God correctly, or if He has decided to take back His promises. It’s a season where lies can so easily creep in and cover the truth like poisonous weeds in a garden. This is a season where I constantly have to ask myself if I am going to be a woman of faith or fear; a woman of the Word or the world?

There was a time, not so long ago, that I was like a fragile leaf that could easily be tossed and turned in any direction. When a challenge arose instead of rising up to meet it, I simply walked away. I held on to our vision with an open hand, I didn’t have the belief that it could actually come true. I didn’t have the heart or courage to rise up to the challenges that pursuing your calling  is guaranteed to lend you. Perhaps this is why I am so grateful that my once lifeless hand is now tightly clenching God’s vision to my heart.

I am grateful that in the hard moments I can now close my eyes and still see His promises to us.  I can see the community we desire to build and be a part of, I can see the home and land we’re working and praying so hard for, I can see the flourishing rich fruits of our labor and hard work. I can see our family stronger and wiser because of the process of refinement that He has brought of to and through. I can taste the laughter, I can imagine the conversations, I can hear the songs of worship.

He has branded this vision so deeply in our hearts that now even in the moments of complete doubt and despair – it doesn’t waver.

The King James Version of Provers 29:18 reads, “where there is no vision, the people perish” – and those words have never felt more true than right now in my life. I know that without His vision for our lives being branded on my heart – I would not be able to go through this season confidently and faithfully. I would not be able to look others in the eyes and speak with strength about what is to come, about the purpose and calling He has placed on us. And God, in His goodness and faithfulness knew that.

He knew there would be times when we would want to quit. He knew we would encounter obstacles, opposition and attacks. He knew we would be asked to be patient yet persistent. And so He breathed His vision for us into our hearts.

For that, I am honored, humbled, and forever grateful.

Friends, we are not the special ones who have been chosen to walk this path. He has a vision for all of us.

When you accepted Him into your heart, you also accepted a higher assignment, a calling on your life that is so large, so beautiful and so rewarding that you cannot do it on your own.

I pray that you give God the space and time to speak that vision over your life, and I pray constantly that you answer the call. I pray that you walk in faith, that you remain obedient despite the circumstance around you, and that you allow God and His vision for you to guide you through all seasons.

So what are you grateful for this season?

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