What If You Discovered That You Couldn’t Lose?

What if you discovered you couldn’t lose?

This question was asked on the first page of Without Rival by Lisa Bevere* and it immediately spoke to my spirit. As in, I stopped reading after the first 30 seconds, closed the book and just sat there and let the thought sink in. It intrigued the flesh side of me because I selfishly want to win, I want to be right, I want to be perfect – but I knew in my spirit what it was really asking. What if I believed that I couldn’t lose on a kingdom level? Well, if that were true then the ripple affects of that belief would be earth shattering. 

     I would write

     I would create

     I would be bold in who I spoke to.

     I would love wildly and hard.

     I would be unapologetic in my heart and life.

     I would reconcile relationships. 

     I would start new friendships. 

     I would create thoughtful community. 

     I would put it out into the world.

     I would put myself out into the world.

I would put myself out into the world. 

And as I answered that question, in my spirit, I heard a resounding “Go do it”. 

Because isn’t that what the cross means? That as believers, we in fact can’t lose because He has already won for us? The battles that we fight on a daily basis have already been written down in the history books.  The victory has already been claimed.

But if that’s true, why do I still feel scared…defeated….hesitant to take action?

It’s because being victorious doesn’t mean that I’ll walk away unscathed, I’m still susceptible to flesh wounds. It doesn’t mean that every venture will be successful or profitable. It doesn’t mean that every relationship will be healthy, whole and lasting. It doesn’t mean that we won’t be wounded, hurt, rejected and worn down. In fact, the bible tells us to count on all those things.

And yet, the same bible tells us to still be bold and walk confidently in His victory. 

Because if only we could see it from His perspective, we would see that those words have already been written He’s just waiting for fingers to hit the keyboard. The art has already been created He’s just waiting for the paintbrush to mark the canvas. The relationships have already been mended, the wounds have already been healed, He’s just waiting for a courageous phone call in order to start the process. The community is already gathered and connecting, He’s just waiting for the invitation to be extended. 

God’s promises are real. He’s just waiting on us to participate in order to make them a reality. 

We may not be promised a life on this earth without pain, injury, rejection, failure or loss – but we are promised victory. So what would you do if you discovered you couldn’t lose?

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