Stop Trying to Find Your Purpose

So this started out as a post on why we need to stop comparing our lives with other’s – but it slowly morphed into something a little different. 

It all started a few days ago when I found myself on the comparison hamster wheel. you know the one, scrolling through my Instagram feed and thinking “I wish my life could be like that, I wish I could do that. I wish it was that easy for me”

It’s pretty obvious that we have a human tendency to compare our lives with others – placing ourselves under the magnifying glass. But different than how the sayings go (the stage is big enough for everyone, only you can tell your story, etc.), God showed me that the reason we need to stop comparing ourselves isn’t about us at all. It’s all about him. We need to stop comparing because of how he wants to do completely different things in each of our lives in order to reach specific people through divine appointments 

Or in other words:  God’s Plan =  Your obedience + His divine appointments + Holy Spirit moving

It was as I was typing this “equation” out that I realized you could replace God’s Plan with Your Purpose and the statement still holds true. Our purpose is found when God combines our obedience, with his divine appointments  and His Holy Spirit working 

We get so caught up on trying to find our purpose in life, when really our focus needs to be pursuing God’s heart. His heart holds his plans for your life. 

But here’s the deal, you don’t have to know what His plan is for you in order to start living it out. This is where we get it wrong. This is where we say, it must be done our way. And that we can’t start living the life God desires for us until we know exactly what that life is going to look like. This is where we take the visions and passions that God has placed in us and push them back saying “that’s not good enough, I need to know more.” This is where temptation in the garden snuck in – the fear that God was holding out on us. So we took the control in our own hands and doomed paradise

Beloved, God has a plan for your life that is bigger and bolder than anything that you could ever imagineYour life lived God’s way will shake the foundation of the earth and impact Heaven for eternity. 

But you don’t have to carry the heaviness of knowing what it all looks like or the burden of knowing how it all turns out. That’s not your job. That’s God’s job. You don’t need to ask how – you get to ask what

“What would you have me do right now, Lord?

And your job – your entire life purpose – is to respond in obedience. All of it starts with a question and then a tiny mustard seed step of obedience

 I don’t know about you but my shoulders feel a little lighter now because the pressure has been take off of me. We can stop trying to actively find our purpose, and get back to actively seeking GodBecause when we pursue God’s heart, His plan unfolds and in doing so aligns us with His purpose for us 

Here’s what we need to know about obedience: We tend to overcomplicate it. I overcomplicate it. A part of me wants to tell you that in order to truly be obedient to God you mustknow him, hear him, trust him, and follow him. And while that’s true – it’s not as difficult as it sounds 

Jesus is simpleSeek him with all your heart and you will find him. 

You don’t need to find a small group, or sign up for a theology class, or finish that bible study you bought. Those are all good things – but they aren’t stopping you from knowing God. A closed off heart is. 

He’s a good and loving Father who is waiting for you to sit next to him and say “Hey, can we talk?. Open your heart. Open your bible. Give him a quiet place both externally and internally. Find a quiet room, wake up early when the house is still asleep and quiet your mind. He is God and He can speak to your heart above all the chaos and noise in this world (and in your head). But He honors and loves when we make a heartfelt effort to clear the stage of our life and expect Him to show up. So keep showing up for him, I promise He will show himself to you

The more we practice this; seeking his heart and anticipating his response to us. The easier it becomes to recognize his voice and to begin to say yes to him. The more we say yes and walk in obedience, the more we can see how his ways are always higher and better than ours – and we begin to trust and follow him more and more. And with one tiny mustard seed step at a time we begin to walk out the purpose He has given us without seeking, trying or striving for it.  


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