Momentum Building Faith

We all know that momentum makes a difference in our lives. It’s literally the thing that makes the world go around. Everything we do (or don’t do) is causing our lives to gain momentum one way or the other. The question is are you building momentum in the direction that you want to go? 

It’s week one of the Start Now: Wellness Series – and many of us are taking steps to build momentum towards a healthier and freer life with Jesus. (It’s not too late to join if you haven’t already!) We all know what it looks like when we gain some momentum in the area of health. Maybe it’s going to gym on all the days you said you would this week, or making smart choices with what you eat – when you begin to gain momentum towards a healthier lifestyle it starts to become easier to make more choices that are moving you in the same direction.

Unfortunately, the same is true for the opposite direction. Maybe you were like me, and too much time passed between workouts and all of a sudden it becomes much easier to continue to not work out than it would be to change the direction of things all together and get yourself to the gym. Things are moving and momentum is growing – just not in the direction that you want them to. 

What about our faith? What does it look like to have momentum building faith? 

James 2 dives into what it looks like to have faith that is accompanied by action. In fact he even asks the question, can it even be called faith if it’s not partnered with action? In James 2:18 he says, “show me your faith without deeds and I will show you my faith by my deeds.” 

What I believe he is saying is that you will be able to see his faith in God not just by what he says but by how he lives his life. By the choices he makes. By the action he takes. And by the things he does and doesn’t do. 

So let me ask the tough question: what are your actions saying about your faith and what you believe of God? 

You guys, this is a tough one for me. Because it is so easy for me to say that I trust God and know his plans are good but I can spend so much time worrying, stressing and trying to control the very thing I say I am believing God for.

If I’m brutally honest, this isn’t me living out my faith that is centered around my God – this is faith centered around my comfort. 

And that’s a hard pill to swallow. But the quicker I can acknowledge it, repent the quicker I can move onto some real momentum building true faith.

So what does that look like? It looks like doing the next right thing that God is asking you to do. Like actually doing it. Whether it’s opening the bible and reading for 10 minutes. Or putting down your phone and playing with your kid. Maybe it’s sending that email to your long distant friend because you’ve been thinking about her recently. Or cutting up the credit cards because you know it’s bringing havoc in your home and finances. 

It’s these small steps of faith that lead to kingdom building momentum. 

Because then perhaps you get to experience God speaking directly to your heart in those 10 minutes of reading scripture. Or having a sweet moment with your child that you otherwise would have missed. Maybe it’s finding out your friend is going through a rough season and you reaching out was exactly what she needed. Or experiencing God show up daily and provide for your needs instead of relying on your own means. 

This isn’t a gold star system to tally your way to heaven. This is an invitation for the higher and the deeper with God, and bringing heaven to earth.

This is where we get to experience the depth of his love and goodness and mercy. And our faith in Him and who He is soars higher than ever before because we’ve now experienced things with him that we never have before. One momentum building step at a time. 

So I’ll leave you with this: go for the higher and deeper with God. Choose to take those small steps of faith that He is asking you to. Not with the expectation that it will go exactly the way you want it to go (because chances are, it won’t). But with the expectation that God is going to show up somehow, someway and reveal himself more to you.

It’s in doing this that not only is your faith building momentum in your life but it’s building God’s kingdom. 

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