Learning to Wait on God

Trusting God’s timing is easy, it’s waiting on his timing that’s the hard part. 

Waiting takes patience. 

The patience to have God’s dream and desire in your heart and have to sit on it. The patience to let it stir and marinate deeper in your soul without being able to fully share it with the world. That’s the tough part. The waiting and watching to see how God will move, and then the ned to be ready and willing to follow.

And I think that’s where we come in – preparing for God’s move while we’re waiting for Him to move. We may not know when it will happen, and we may not know what His first move will be. But I have a a feeling that if we’re listening intently we know how we can prepare for it. 

God asked the Israelites to prepare themselves for His appearance from Mount Sinai. They were waiting for God to show himself. They were waiting for an act of God. But before He could move, they had to prepare and get ready. They had to clean house, both literally and figuratively. To prepare their heart, soul and mind for what they were about to encounter. Only then would they be ready to fully experience what God had for them. Only then would they be able to live through it. They didn’t know what was going to happen. They didn’t know how God was going to move. That wasn’t their place to know. It was their place to prepare themselves. It was their place to clean themselves, to live within the limits God placed them in, to have the discipline required to remain obedient. Only then would God show himself in the magnificent glory that He had planned for them. 

Waiting on God doesn’t mean that we remain idle – there is still action required of us on the foothills of Mount Sinai. 

The truth is, Joshua and I can clearly see 10-20 years down the road when God’s promises are on full display. We can see the land and home. We can see the retreat center that houses ministry and leadership events. We can see the tiny house that we know is a stepping stone towards a larger dream. And yet we wait on God’s timing. And while it’s really hard at times, we know that in order to receive those promises we have to do what is required of us right now. 

And what is required of us right now is to remain faithful stewards of what God has already given us. He’s asking us to be wise with our finances. To be faithful and disciplined with our businesses. To be courageous and cultivate community. To be generous, kind and loving in our relationships. It is only when we remain obedient in these things that we will begin to see God move, in His timing. 

So what is God asking of you at the foothills of your mountain?

Maybe it’s the nagging feeling that you should be in scripture more – learning it, memorizing it. Maybe it’s the recurring thought that you should reconcile that relationship; ask for forgiveness, make amends. Maybe it’s the conviction that you need to get your finances in order and be the wise servants that God has asked you to be. 

I don’t know how God is asking you to prepare, but I know that He is – and I know that it will be worth it.

I would love to hear your thoughts about camping on the foothills of your Mount Sinai – how is God asking you to prepare and what are you learning in the waiting? 

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