Keep the Faith

Lately, I have been praying that God would show me the areas of my life that I’m not living in His freedom. It can be a hard prayer to pray – but a powerful one. He showed me how I’ve been slowly creeping back into my old chains of stress and worry. Last week I was struggling with angst, confusion and frustration. I was literally crying out to God “why are we still here? Why does it feel like we’re not moving forward? I know you have more for us – we want your more!” It was a desperate cry to make sure God hadn’t forgotten about us. 

As I was lamenting I quietly heard in my heart, “keep your faith”. And I was reminded of it again when I was reading through Galatians – “the righteous shall live by faith”. (Galatians 3:11;Habakkuk 2:4)

Keep your faith. Live by faith. 

Beth Moore describes captivity as anything that “hinders the abundant and effective Spirit-filled life God has planned” for you. I realized that my lack of faith about our current circumstances was actually showcasing my current lack of freedom. Here I was grasping onto these cold metal shackles filled with fear, doubt, insecurity, anxiety and a false sense of control; when I have the ability to grasp onto the hand of my Father who promises never to abandon or forsake me. 

I was reminded to stay confident in God. In who He is. In God as a good father, a generous provider, as a God that does not hold out or hold back from us. A God who works all things out to his good and glory.

I was reminded to stay confident in who He’s created me to be. In the giftings and callings that He has placed in me. I was also reminded to stay confident and steady in where He has placed us. To remember that He did in fact call us here, and we answered back with a yes and amen. 

It was a reminder that He has not abandoned us, He is still working. And it was a call to drop the shackles and keep my faith.

As much as those 3 words can comfort, even coddle us – they’re not exactly the easiest to live by. Because it’s not keep your faith and your circumstances will change; though they may. It’s not keep your faith and your hope for the future will transpire; though it could. It’s not keep your faith and you’ll be given all the answers; you won’t. It’s keep your faith in God because He is God – and you are not. Keep your faith in His ability, in His promises, in His sovereignty, in His goodness, in His love – because that’s what it means to follow Him. 

So I’m choosing to live by faith today. I’m choosing to cling onto His faithful hands when I feel myself reaching back to those tempting and heavy chains.  I’m choosing to drop the shackles and keep my faith. 

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