Keep the Faith: Part 2

You’re already free – but to live as though you are free means that you have to step out of the unlocked cage.  

You see when you said yes to Jesus, you also said yes to freedom. It’s a bundled package – it’s a done deal. When you said yes to Jesus He unlocked the prison cage that you were living in. He was nailed to a cross and bore the physical and spiritual punishment for our sins – so that your shackles could be unlocked. There’s no striving, trying or justifying that’s needed. He miraculously and instantly set you free from everything of this world that was once weighing you down. It’s a truth that some are uncomfortable looking at face to face. But it’s this Truth that has allowed us to be set free. 

What would it say of His great sacrifice if we willingly live a life of bondage and limitation – simply because we’re scared or uncomfortable? 

Living free means to willingly choose not to step back into a yoke of slavery. It means to actually step out of the opened prison gates and to walk away form it. It’s a choice. And likely one that needs to be made minute by minute. Pick the day, pick the hour – there is always a choice to be made on how you can live freer and fuller in Christ.

In my last post I revealed how God had shown me that my choice right now is to choose whether I’m going to step back into a yoke of anxiety, stress, fear and control. It’s choosing whether I’m going to imagine all that could go wrong and focus on everything that I feel like I’m missing – or am I going to keep my eyes fixed on Him? Am I going to look for the answers or to the One who answers? 

Am I going to keep my faith, which in turn allows me to keep my freedom in Him? 

I always think of the Israelites when they were set free from Egypt. I imagine that they envisioned paradise just outside of their chains. That they dreamt of the beautiful, lush and vibrant promise land that was waiting for them on the other side. They probably weren’t prepared for their 40 year journey in the desert. In fact they chose their old chains time and time again on this trek. When their faith started to fade they allowed doubt, fear and emotion to overtake them. They fell back into their old bondage, choosing to worship and idolize other things and even other Gods. At times they even begged to go back to Egypt because at least they knew what to expect there! When they took their eyes off of their true God and Father, who was literally leading their path, they easily slid back into their old yokes of slavery for the sake of familiarity. 

I get it. I can see how slippery that slope is. I’m living it. If I’m being honest it feels like the exact journey that my family is on right now. When we left Austin, I thought that was our desert season. Little did I know, that was our Egypt. Even though we were prayed up for our move, we were still unprepared for a season of wandering the desert. A season that we’re in now. A season of seeing God move, hearing Him speak to us, knowing that He is leading us – but quickly losing faith because it’s just flat out hard and at times really uncomfortable. 

And just like the Israelites I’m struggling to keep my faith. I struggle with staying confident and believing God’s ability to see us through. Which is actually as ridiculous as it sounds. 

So while I can’t speak on this freedom thing as a scholar or expert. I can talk with you as a sister who is walking alongside you in the wilderness. 

Here’s the good news: if we allow God to, the wilderness can be a catalyst for free living.

It’s here that we get to choose to stay faithful, joyful and obedient to our God when everything seems dry and desolate. It’s here that we get to keep our eyes fixated on the One who is leading our path, instead of letting our eyes and hearts wander to that which is on either side of us, or even the hopeful promise land that we believe will come, or worse the season of slavery that lies behind us.

When we stop the constant complaining and questioning, when we stop trying so hard to see the answer and solution that we hope for, and when we choose to keep our eyes fixed on the Answerer, knowing in faith that He is leading us – the desertlike season that we were once living suddenly begins to bloom and sprout with truth, revelations and precious moments with our King. 

In Christ you are set free – with faith you live free. 

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