Intentional Gifts for Her Birthday


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Having a product round-up of intentional gifts and decor has been on my blog “to-do list” for a while now. So I thought what better week to start than my birthday week! Whether it’s a faith based product, a do-good company or something that I just happen to love A LOT – here’s a few of my favorite intentional birthday gifts for that lovely lady in your life! (P.S – Mom, this isn’t a hint for you, I swear!)


Aviary Feather Necklace from the Noonday Collection – Jewelry is one of those things that I don’t buy for myself often (or ever) but I would gladly extend my small collection with the help of this darling statement necklace! 

Illume Earrings from the Noonday Collection – I love classic, simple and unique pieces – like these gorgeous silver earrings from Noonday. Just a side note -Noonday is an incredible company that supports global artisans and impacts lives. Products can be ordered through their ambassadors. These links will take you to a friend’s shop link, or you can search for an ambassador on the website!

A Simplified Life by Emily Ley – I can’t think of anything better than a beautifully crafted coffee table worthy workbook that contains “strategies, systems, and methods for permanently clearing the clutter, organizing your priorities, and living intentionally” – this is my love language. 

Awaken: 90 Days with the God who Speaks by Priscilla Shirer – I fought the urge to include just books and journals for my birthday wish list, but I had to include this one by Priscilla Shirer. Such a sweet and meaningful gift for anyone who craves more with God. 

Floral Journal – I genuinely don’t think you can go wrong with gifting a lovely journal. At least you can’t go wrong with me! Seriously, give me all the notebooks, sketchbooks and journals and I am one happy girl! 

Fearless Tumbler by Dayspring – I just love this sweet straw tumbler. What a beautiful reminder to carry along with you all day long! 

Better Life Bag – Bags are like jewelry for me. I stick to the tried and true and I rarely buy one for myself. For that reason I could totally justify a big ticket item like this gorgeous custom designed Better Life Bag. And the name holds true with this socially conscious company that employs and empowers women.

The House of Belonging Art: Lisa Bevere Signature Collection – I have swooned over HOB’s work for a few years now. Every piece is beautiful, powerful and prophetic. I can’t even explain how much I love this one! Again, this is another high price item – but hey, it’s my birthday round-up and I just couldn’t leave this one out! 


Well that was fun! I hope you were inspired with a few gift ideas and I’d love to know: what’s on your birthday wish list? 

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