Fuel Up

Hebrews 12 tells us to run the race marked out for us with perseverance, with our eyes fixed on Jesus. But are you fueling yourself for the race that you’ve been given? 

When it comes to fueling up physically or spiritually, the goal is the same – to be prepared, energized and focused for the task at hand. Both are also essential for the other to function properly. If we’re spiritually fueled, meaning our hope and faith is being renewed daily with God’s word and community then we have purpose and focus for being physically fueled and healthy. Likewise, if we’re physically fueled then we’re capable to carry out the purpose and mission that God entrusted us with. 

So what do we do to fuel up to prepare ourselves for our chosen race?  


Take inventory:

 Get quiet for a few minutes and give yourself a heart check.  How are you really doing? How are you feeling, how are your conversations with God lately? Are you feeling anxious or frustrated about anything? Invite Holy Spirit to highlight any area that needs to be highlighted. Maye it’s been a few days since you’ve open your bible and prayed through scripture. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve gone to church or attended your small group. Maybe Holy Spirit shows you a place where you’ve been trying to control or reminds you of a recent prayer that has been answered. Whatever it is, wherever you are, it’s a no shame, no guilt heart check. 

Next, give yourself a gut check. Let’s be honest, there’s a good chance that it’s been a while since you’ve slowed down enough to listen to how your body. More and more research is coming out that shows what we have always felt – that our body holds our story.

If we have stress, anxiety, depression, joy, bitterness, unforgiveness – it’s held somewhere in our body. So how is your body feeling?

Are you tense, does your stomach hurt, do you have a headache, is your face frowning or relaxed? How is your breathing, do you feel hydrated, how did you feel the last time you ate, how was your last bathroom break? It’s so easy in our society to rush from dusk to dawn and never pause to see how our body is doing and ask if we’re treating it well. Sit still for a moment, allow yourself to feel and observe. 


Make a Plan

Now that you know where you’re at spiritually and physically it’s time to decide what you’re going to do about it. I suggest that you keep your goal in mind when creating this plan – which is to best fuel yourself to run your mission well for the season that you’re in. As well as to prayerfully hold this plan with an open hand. With most things in life, there is the potential to obsess and control or neglect and ignore – stick to the narrow middle path. Prayerfully commit to a plan and walk it out with grace and self discipline (yes, they can exist together!)

I’ll be sharing ways that have helped me practically fuel myself physically and spiritually in this week’s Facbeook live – but this could look like drinking more water, regularly attending a workout class, joining a small group, or daily morning prayer. As always, invite God into this process with you – listen to His promptings, He knows all that you need and He won’t lead you astray. 


One Step at a Time

Another suggestion is to keep it to a few small changes at a time. In fact, that’s what the Start Now series is all about! It doesn’t have to be huge and in your face in order to be life changing. God recently reminded me that strong foundations are build intentionally and slowly. It’s only with these strong foundations that one can withstand time, pressure and storms. 


Invite Community

My last suggestion after taking inventory, creating and starting on a plan is to invite others into your journey. We were created for relationship. Relationship with our Creator, relationship with others. We were created to do this life together, to run our own race while encouraging each other on. So invite others to encourage you as your run yours. yes, it takes vulnerability, transparency and admitting weak spots. But it’s also an invitation to speak life and truth over each other, and an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ. 


What does it look like for you to fuel yourself spiritually and physically to love well? 


Want to talk more practically about how to fuel yourself to run your race well? Join the AFM community and check in for our next Facebook live!

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