What would your life look like if you lived as the woman God created you to be? If you knew who you were in His eyes and you truly, radically believed it?

I believe this is the mission that God has placed in my heart. To remind his daughters of who they truly are, and to challenge them to live it out. All while still discovering and learning how to believe it for myself.

A Faithful Mess is my journey of discovering who I am in God’s eyes and the adventure of learning how to walk that out in the real world. After years of dreaming about what life could look like, I finally started to take the scary steps of fully believing it and taking action. Messy, imperfect, faithful and obedient steps that include using the gifts, talents and passion that He has given me to build up His kingdom.

My hope is to write words and create products that willI encourage you, challenge you and invite you to take the crazy, daring and messy steps of being the woman that God has called you to be – and all that it entails.

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A bit more about me:

I grew up in Round Rock, Texas and am the youngest of three children. I grew up actively involved in church but it wasn’t until I was 29 and recently married that Jesus fully captured my heart and I understood what it meant to be in relationship with him. Since then it has been one wild step of obedience after the next!

We currently live in Southeast Texas with our daughter Esther.

Feel free to say hello, I’d love to hear your story!