A Message on Freedom

I have this message of freedom in my heart. The more I share this message, the more I am certain that there is a calling on my life to help people walk this journey of freedom. To say yes to Jesus. To say yes to his abundant living and his radical freedom. And I have to be honest I feel incapable, uneducated and not worthy of sharing this message with you. I asked myself, who am I to tell people how to be set free? But I am a daughter who is getting to know her Father more and more, and I’m saying yes. And I really think that’s good enough for Him.


There is more for you. 

I see you craving something. I see you constantly looking for something around every corner – hoping it quenches your heart. I see you looking for peace and love. Desperately trying to find that deep soul fulfillment. I see you trying to overcome hurts and wounds. I see you – because I am you. I’ve sought, craved and longed for too. You’re not crazy. And you’re not the only one. 

There is more for you. And it’s found in Him. 

You were created to crave something that only Christ can fill. So it makes sense why nothing you have tried has filled that craving. Because it’s a longing only He can satisfy. It’s his invitation to an abundant and free life. And the amazing news is that he’s not holding this freedom and abundance hostage from you. He desperately wants to give you the deep desires and yearnings of your heart as much as you desperately crave it. He’s been waiting on you so that He can set you free. 

This is the freedom of Christ. This is the abundantly more that He has for you Beloved. 

I know how it sounds. I know it sounds too good to be true. Too simple. And a little crazy. But that’s what Jesus does. He takes the impossible, the complex and complicated and He carried all of it to the cross. And it sounds crazy because it’s real. HIs sacrifice made the impossible and complex – simple and readily available. He shouldered ALL of it so that you could experience freedom in Him. So you could experience unconditional, perfect love. 

And because He shoulders the burden for you. You don’t have to DO anything in order to receive that love and freedom. You simply get to sit with Him and invite him into your heart. He’ll do the rest. He will consume you with His love. And because He loves you so much and so perfectly – He doesn’t want you to live with lies or chains around your heart. He will begin to show you the places that need mending. He will show you the places that need Love and forgiveness. He will show you the places that need Truth and life spoken into.

And If you continue to let Him in, He promises to do a good work in you.  

You see, He operates from the inside out.

Yes, He wants better and more for you on the outside. Yes, He wants you to have loving, lasting and meaningful relationships, Yes, He wants you have financial stability and freedom from debt, Yes, He wants you to have a healthy and capable body. Yes, He wants you to have joy, peace and a sense of purpose throughout your day. But He wants your heart first and mostly. 

And it is here that true freedom lies. This is where abundance living is found. 

So I see you, the one who is desperately trying to find peace, happiness and love. But I have to tell you that all of it has already been found for you and is waiting to be discovered through Jesus. 

So I guess, I’ll leave you with an invitation. An invitation that quite honestly right now makes my flesh uncomfortable because I don’t want to offend you. But it’s an invitation in my heart and spirit that I know needs to be extended. Because I can’t talk about freedom without offering you the key that unlocks it. And I pray that you’ll accept it. So here it is. 

Give it a try. Give Jesus a try. There’s no trick. There’s no force. There’s no judgement.

Just an invitation to True freedom and love, if you’re up for it. And this is where the journey of true freedom begins. 


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