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Fuel Up

Hebrews 12 tells us to run the race marked out for us with perseverance, with our eyes fixed on Jesus. But are you fueling yourself for the race that you’ve been given?  When it comes to fueling up physically or spiritually, the goal is the same – to be prepared, energized and focused for the task at hand. Both are also essential for the other to function properly. If we’re spiritually fueled, meaning our hope and faith is being renewed…

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You Don’t Have to Agree

Something that I am loving about the Start Now: Wellness Series is that it is keeping me accountable to posting on the blog – and also posting the things that are dear to my heart. What I like to call the heart-work. The let’s jump past the surface, dig in the dirt and get a little real work. (And this one in particular fires me up!)   Lies are whispered and spoken to us all the time. As Christ followers…

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Momentum Building Faith

We all know that momentum makes a difference in our lives. It’s literally the thing that makes the world go around. Everything we do (or don’t do) is causing our lives to gain momentum one way or the other. The question is are you building momentum in the direction that you want to go?  It’s week one of the Start Now: Wellness Series – and many of us are taking steps to build momentum towards a healthier and freer life…

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Why Gospel Centered Fitness?

What God created in the garden was good. It reflected His image. His heart and his desires for how we were meant to live all began in the light of day in the garden. We were made to live in unity with our Creator. Walking in the cool of the day with Him by our side. We were made to live in raw vulnerability, meaningful relationship, fulfilling purpose, full security and full freedom.  We were also created with our bodies, our…

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