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What I’m Most Grateful For This Season

Like all of us during the thanksgiving season, I’ve been thinking about what I’m grateful for. Of course I’m grateful for my husband and daughter, our family, our health. But in this particular season that we are in, I am especially grateful for vision. This is a season where we are working with hope and faith of what is to come, a season where we are walking in obedience despite seeing the fruit or immediate answer to our prayers. A…

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Life Lessons I’ve Learned as a New Mom

We are five months and some change into this parenting thing. It’s been a blessing, a joy and an absolute stress-mare at times. If you would have asked me when Esther was a month old how I was enjoying motherhood. I would have answered bluntly with tears in my eyes, “I’m not. I’m questioning every decision I’ve ever made.”  Not pretty, but beautifully honest.  If you ask me now, I’d pleasantly say “We’re making it. It’s a lot of fun,…

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A Peace That Passes All Understanding

When I tell people that I moved from Austin to small town Southeast Texas they look at me as if I’m crazy. Wide eyes, strained eyebrows, gasping mouths. They quickly ask me “why?!” but it comes out more as a declaration than it does a question.  I get it, it sounds crazy. But what’s even crazier is my response –  I tell them that I actually love being here because it’s exactly where God wants me to be right now. …

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