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Small Beginnings

A large part of our God led journey includes our journey as entrepreneurs and business owners. And someday in the near future I am going to vulnerably share that journey thus far and how God has used it to draw us closer to Him. But I’ve noticed that it’s one of the ways that He speaks to us, He uses our businesses as a way to prune and cultivate our hearts for Him. So it should come to no surprise…

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Stay in Your Lane

It always amazes me that God meets us when we study his word. If we’ll only be patient, allow ourselves to dig deep He will hand us a gem meant just for us and just for that moment. I hope this video encourages you, it definitely stretched me outside of my comfort zone but that’s usually where God’s greatest gifts are! Stay in Your LanePosted by A Faithful Mess on Saturday, March 4, 2017…

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You Can’t Take Snow Globes To Heaven

We had dinner the other night with some new friends. I knew it was going to be a good evening when in less than 3 minutes we started talking about what God was doing in our lives and the challenges we were facing. Real talk. No small talk, no weather talk, no “how’s the family” talk; just real life, heart filled conversations – that’s my jam.  We talked about a lot, but we kept coming back to taking the first…

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